Mon, Oct

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I arrive at Complex-Desjardins, it's raining today.

I say hi to black security guard. A white security guard comes up to me and says "see you often" "That's the entrance, that's the exit. That's the entrance, that's the exit". I say what about them? (Desjardins maintenance and CAGE employees). He says I'm talking to you so I don't see them.. In the washroom I change my white shirt to a blue one. Buy food at IGA, withdraw $60 at ATM, buy baby wipes at Jean-Coutu. I see the security guard, tell him it's the guy with the white shirt, he looks puzzled..

Three homeless people come into shopping center, tell security guard I've been in the shopping center for a long time.. Three McGillU, ConcordiaU, UQAM students tell security guard I've been in eating area a long time.. Three security guards come to see me in eating area, say it's for people eating. I'm the only person eating. Everyone else around is reading a book, playing with their smartphones, ..

I'm eating in the center area. I hear tac sounds near me. LRAD HSS the knife type weapon hitting my head. My gieger counter starts reading very high dangerous radiation, I start filming. A black guy attacks me because he doesn't want me filming the radiation, says not allowed, grabs and runs away with my tablet.. I catch him, we fight, I have him in a leg lock, he throws the tablet under Loto Quebec kiosk (bend it like Beckham!).. Police arrive, I show video to Police and Security Guards, they say it's 5G, want to banish me from shopping center.

I tell them they are in big trouble, going to show this to the RCMP and media. Things aren't always the way you expect or believe them to be.