Mon, Oct

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Hi Jay, not enough electric hyper 4,000 HP car talk,

too much gas 650 HP and fuel cell .. talk said ElonMusk.

I'm in Beverly Hills, asking people (like Jay Leno) about "UNIVERSAL BASIC INCOME"?

Yes .. So that we don't all have work for Trump, climate change genius.😧

Yes .. Reduces Gov & Police corruption, homelessness. 😯

Yes .. Fewer people guided towards gangs, prostitution, suicide, retaliation. 🤮

"Who cut the trees, polluted water - barren lands, committed genocide?" Capitalism 😕

Feb 23 2011 is my "Lt Charbonneau Laval Police "uttering threats towards women" online in Mobbing Research article (homelessness linked to rage shootings, Theory: MLepine suicide letter fabricated). I have to agree to Crowns unlawful assessment order (non-criminal responsibility ("same as innocent" "saves money, no trial")) before charter violations & trial to be released from prison. .. ok. .. Appeal R v Creighton (R v Swain), Abuse Of Process, Superior Court Honorable Judge Charbonneau.. Long Charbonneau(s) story.