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Ted Talks; A Video about Focused Ultrasound, Acoustic Technology, Brain Lesions and Lobotomy's - CNN iReport (video)

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Focused Ultrasound for use in the medical field as shown in the video may be in use as a domestic weapon according to some reports to "hit the brain" from neighboring rooms, causing damage and brain lesions to inflict strokes and heart attacks, a weapon that leaves very little evidence..

similar to another weapon in use, radiation technology and powerful radar assaults from neighboring homes, which are linked to leukemia and other deadly cancers like lung cancer.

The 2005 Award Winning sound technology HSS Hypersonic Sound that creates sound at great distances and in specific targeted locations may be linked given the same type of technology involved, focused ultrasound.

Criminal harassment and threats, the mob wanting to remove your brain or "hit your brain" to prevent exposure or linked to repression through serious illness, strokes and heart attacks, similar to how powerful radar assaults are linked to repression through serious illness, cancer.

What Are the Different Types of Brain Lesions?

Although they share a common definition -- injury or damage to tissue within the brain -- brain lesions vary greatly. Here are some common brain lesions.

Cerebral infarction: Infarction refers to death of tissue. So a cerebral infarction is a brain lesion in which a cluster of brain cells have died. Most often, this brain lesion is caused by a stroke.

*Focused Ultrasound used to hit "the brain", damage the brain and strokes, from neighboring rooms, radiation technology and powerful radar assaults to the shins linked to leukemia and the lungs linked to lung cancer.*