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- The potential for racial profiling is certainly increased by the passage of such laws.
- That then leads to a wedge between the communities that law enforcement is trying to reach out to.
- If the community feels that it is being profiled or singled out by law enforcement people are less likely to share information or report crimes.

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- The intenSati method
- First principle is that your thoughts are what moves you and guides you. Think of your thoughts as a command and when you think of your thoughts as a command you bring it about or into being, you become them, you move towards them, you change on a spiritual and mental level, linked to self talk.
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Anger strikes too quickly for cognitive control, boiling over before the rational brain can stop it. Steven Stosny aims to get to the root of anger, using a step-by-step process he calls HEALS.

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Even the successful suffer shaky hands and sweaty palms. Here's how to prevent "choking" when the curtain goes up.

The idea of getting up and speaking in front of a bunch of people can put even the most confident person into a cold sweat. The truth is: Performance anxiety is very real.

There are ways to counter your feelings of anxiety.

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