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Weaponization of Space

Some regimes are using the weaponization of space to assault their own citizens, targeting people instead of missiles in flight. The suspected targeting system used are medical radioactive isotopes that can be seen in a person's brain 6' under ground from space, or neighboring homes, and thermal imaging devices. .. see the Technology page for more

Recent page update, Technology page

The most recent page update is the Technology page.

Obesity Epidemic & Sugar

"Fructose, however, is metabolized mainly by the liver, and the process significantly ups production of fatty triglycerides. It's as if the body is consuming a high-fat diet." -- "- Research suggests that sugar can lead to changes in dopamine receptors, such that tolerance develops – more of the substance is needed to get an effect.", our newest page Obesity Epidemic & Sugar

In rampages, it's about revenge - CNN (article link)

"a former Los Angeles police officer, 33-year-old Christopher Jordan Dorner, who allegedly is seeking redress for perceived mistreatment by the LAPD. Dorner was a member of the department for three years before losing his badge in 2008, reportedly for lying about a fellow officer. When he was unable to win back his job, murder became, as a manifesto attributed to Dorner put it, "a necessary evil" for him to prevail in the face of racism and injustice."

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Suicide Factors, Rage Shooting Factors, and now ..

And now .. Longevity Factors and Cancer Factors will be added to existing pages. To government medical and health ministers, please classify aging as a disease, the aging disease, to help permit research founding for this field of study, longevity, elderly functionality, standards of living as we age, increased life span, etc, and economics: more jobs and growth in the medical field.

Canada a Law Abiding and Human Right Supporting Regime? - (news flash)

"The Canadian Criminal Code does not comply with international treaties that it has signed, 672.12 (1)(3) violates the right to a trial, 264.1 violates the freedom of expression (published articles). The authorities deny that organized crime is using energy assault weapons to target citizens in their own homes, powerful radar aimed at inflicting deadly cancers, which convinces me that it is actually the Canadian and British regimes using this technology on citizens."

Canadian "free press" and Censorship

"The Canadian media never reported the obvious freedom of expression violation from the Feb 21, 2011 Police allegations fabricated from a published Mobbing Research article. This charter issue was dismissed in court and went to trial. I was unable to address this issue due to organized crime. The Canadian media still have not addressed this Criminal Code law that violates the freedom of expression. Uttering Threats s. 264.1 (1)."

Rage Shooting Factors

One rage shooting factor is financial loss, the loss of employment, homelessness, someone who is suddenly bankrupt. This rage shooting factor could have helped make 4 RCMP members aware of the danger, a Rage Shooting Factor, when they went to a location of someone involved in bankruptcy and repossession, and lost their lives to this rage shooter. Another rage shooting factor that has been identified is bullying and repetitive humiliation. Addressing these issues could prevent future violence linked to these. Please support the Rage Shooting Factors for prevention of gun violence.

Radar Assault Weapons & Faraday Cages page - (news flash)

This page has been recently updated: Faraday Cage: Human right defenders and citizens who are targeted by the mob in Canada need a faraday cage, the mob is using energy assault weapons, powerful radar, to inflict different deadly cancers. .. see the page for more.

New Year's 2013 Wish, Recognize that the Earth is Heading for Another Mass Extinction - (news flash)

With the melting of the polar ice caps the earth reflects less energy and heat back into space, the methane trapped under the ice is being released, the CO2 levels are rising, the acidification of the oceans is rising, the phytoplankton that produce oxygen have been reduced by 30-40%, rising temperatures, drought, and wildfires create more CO2, the sea levels and flooding are increasing, the two main sources of CO2 are flooding, the rotting vegetation, and volcanic activity. Volcanic activity has been increasing along with the rising CO2 levels and both are linked to past earth mass extinction that killed up to 90-95% of every living thing on the planet.

New Year's 2013 Wish, Recognize Aging as a Disease, The Aging Disease - (news flash)

When I hear people say that aging is normal or a part of nature it reminds me of religious fanatics who refuse medical treatment to their children based on religious beliefs. Are cars, airplanes, or space travel normal or a part of nature, these are all a part of man. Here is one that you may have heard "if men were meant to fly they'd have feathers". Aging is a disease that can be accelerated, premature aging, slowed down, reversed or reverse damage, and even cured, immortality.

672.12 (1)(3) Assessment for Criminal Responsibility Before Trial - (news flash)

"Assessment orders to determine whether the accused was suffering from mental disorder at the time of the offense so as to be exempt from criminal responsibility for a crime committed circumvents the right to a trial when it is before trial and successful, a basic human rights violation. It still has not been corrected in the Canadian Criminal Code because of its use by organized crime, the mob, they prevent anyone from addressing this charter of rights and constitutional violation."

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Suicide Factors, Depression and Suicide Prevention - (news flash)

"Please share the Suicide Factors page and the Depression and Suicide Prevention page. This period of time, the "Holiday Blues" and seasonal light deprivation, is one of the highest in Suicides."

Guns and Mental Illness are not Rage Shooting Factors - (news flash)

In spite of the media's focus on Mental Illness "a deranged person" as the cause, or leading the population to believe it to be the cause, Mental Illness* is not a Rage Shooting Factor or the cause of this crime. Guns are not a Rage Shooting Factor either but a defenseless population does leave it more vulnerable to abuse, subjugation, and oppression (Marie Antoinette).

(*PTSD a possible exception)

A First Step, Suicide Factors to prevent suicides, Rage Shooting Factors to prevent rage shootings - (news flash)

"I watched the interfaith prayer vigil tonight for the victims of Newtown CT and saw President Barack Obama speak of the first steps to prevent these terrible crimes. The first step in suicide prevention is knowing the suicide factors, for rage shootings it is the same, using rage shooting factors to prevent rage shootings." see the Rage Shooting Factors page.

Censorship, Isolation, Organized Crime, and Facebook, In Reponse to British Levenson Report, the Hunt Report - (news flash)

"Our Facebook page was deleted twice with all their fans, the creator and founder of the website has been locked out of his personal account since the criminal allegations of Feb 21, 2011 "uttering threats towards women" in a Mobbing Research article, now acquitted, . . , today we discover that this account is also censored, none of the posts regarding Rage Shooting Factors on the NYC Facebook pages are visible to anyone else." ..

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No Explanation for Circumventing Right to Trial in Canada - (Blogs)

"I have no explanation for why the right to a trial is still circumvented through Canada's Criminal Code, non-criminal responsibility before trial (discriminatory), or why the UN or UK Amnesty International have not noticed this fact" "with the exception of one explanation that I experience, I was prevented from addressing this issue in the Canadian Courts through organized crime, powerful radar assaults aimed at inflicting deadly cancers." ..

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A True Free Press Sends Shock Waves of Fear into British Conservatives "act quickly" - (news flash)

"The Canadian "free press" has never reported the obvious freedom of expression violation already mentioned in other articles, and the British conservatives want to "act quickly" to add more restrictions, control on the "free press", and censorship." - Danny Hunt

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