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Black Adam (2022) Psychological Manipulation (CENSORED)

(Spoiler Alert! CENSORSHIP) Black Adam speaks to his son in a dream who makes him say the magic word Shazam, psychological manipulation.

THE PERIPHERAL S1E1 Sonic Weapon, Brain and Liver Damage

(Facial Recognition) A sonic weapon is used to stop an incoming attacker, inflict brain and liver damage, commit a homicide.

BLACK ADAM (2022) Spoiler Alert! Psychological Manipulation

(NOT A CLIP, Official Trailer) (Oct 21 2022) There's a psychological manipulation scene, his son manipulates his mind in a dream to make him say the magic word Shazam. 👍🏻

THE GREY MAN (2022) Corruption, Sexual Harassment, Threats in Workplace

CIA gov employee engages in corruption, sexual harassment, threats.

THOR LOVE AND THUNDER (2022) Zeus Sets Disguise Example

Zeus removes THOR's disguise, threatens to remove the disguise of others who immediately reveal themselves instead.

SHE-HULK S1E8 Sex Film and Rampage (CENSORED)

(Mobbing Research) She-HULK filmed having sex, smashes large monitors, goes on a rampage, tries to id some of the culprits in the crowd, gets arrested.

TRANSFORMERS DARK OF THE MOON (2011) Job Search and Interviews

Job pressure from family, negativity, inexperience, comedy, discouraged, and finally success but not the job he wanted.

TRANSFORMERS DARK OF THE MOON (2011) Chernobyl and Shockwave

Chernobyl, no protective gear. Shockwave (sonic weapons), reminds of DUNE 1985 and Alien navigator chair with head/brain damage, C for Concordia (Universities), RCMP div C, ..

SHE-HULK S1E4 Pulling Out Their Guns Date

(Mobbing Research) Behavior mimics pretense of reaching for a gun combined with psychological harassment, assassination threats, ..

ALPHAS S1E1 : Influence of the Mind Homicide (CENSORED)

(Mobbing Research) Illustrates what secret police participants are actually doing through psychological harassment, psychological manipulation attempts.

FULL METAL JACKET : Mobbing Orders lead to Rage Shooting (CENSORED)

(Mobbing Research) Mobbing orders from the Drill Sergeant, mobbing, lead to a rage shooting.

THE BATMAN 2022 Bruce Wayne City Funeral : Supreme Court, Wynn Bruce Suicide

"No more lies" "no more lies" Bruce Wayne and organized crime figure, strange sounds. Wynn Bruce committed suicide, said to be climate change related.

Radiological Weapon TERRORISM Aug 26 2022 Complex-Desjardins Montreal

Terrorism incident captured with two geiger counters. Same ongoing corruption issue with Gov, RCMP (jurisdiction), SPVM Police ..


A discussion about culture, climate change, and Mooners are better than Earthers similar to racism. (stereotypes, radicalization)

MOONHAVEN S1E3 Radicalization

In this scene they talk about radicalization, acts of terrorism. Radicalization a part of psychological manipulation, mobbing.
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James Caan known for his roles in 'The Godfather' 1972, 'ROLLERBALL' 1975, .. Died July 6th

Women shooting trees that burst into flames at a party.

STAR TREK SNW S1E1: The Right to Disconnect from Workplace

Workplace intimate relationship, unanswered phone call - right to disconnect from the workplace, Admiral arrives unannounced ..

DJ SHADOW - Nobody Speak, Nobody Gets Choked

"nobody speak, nobody gets chocked" Gov, Police, Secret Police participants involved in corruption threats, repression through homelessness.

STARGIRL S02E03 Sonic Weapon Example

Scene is similar to sonic weapons being used (McGillU, ConcordiaU,..), plus what subtle coercion and human trafficking could sound like.
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