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Researchers found that immune systems' killer cells, known as T cells, rely on vitamin D to become active and remain dormant and unaware of the possibility of threat from an infection or pathogen if vitamin D is lacking in the blood.
- "When a T cell is exposed to a foreign pathogen, it extends a signaling device or 'antenna' known as a vitamin D receptor, with which it searches for vitamin D,"
- "This means the T cell must have vitamin D or activation of the cell will cease. If the T cells cannot find enough vitamin D in the blood, they won't even begin to mobilize."
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- Pick any life-threatening disease—cancer, heart disease, you name it—and eating more broccoli and its cruciferous cousins may help you beat it, Johns Hopkins research suggests.
- Averaging just four weekly servings of veggies like broccoli, cabbage, and cauliflower slashed the risk of dying from any disease by 26% among 6,100 people studied for 28 years.
- linked to the amount of sulforaphane.
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- Garlic contains heart-protecting compounds.
- Garlic contains more than 70 active phytochemicals, including allicin, which studies show may decrease high blood pressure by as much as 30 points.
- High consumption of garlic lowered rates of ovarian, colorectal, and other cancers, according to a research review in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition.
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- one egg yolk supplies 25% of your daily need of choline
- choline is linked to lower rates of breast cancer
- may help prevent macular degeneration and cataracts
- there’s substantial evidence that for most of us eggs are healthy

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- The key is the immune system, it can be weakened to leave the person vulnerable to serious illness like cancer or it can be strengthened to fight off powerful invaders and even cancer its self.
- High levels of stress and sleep deprivation can overwhelm the body, the body is unable to repair itself, unable to fix DNA mutations or damage, and unable to fight off cancer in early stages.

Immune System Tips        Cancer

- The researchers found that isolation and stress result in a 3.3-fold increase in the risk of developing cancer among rats with naturally occurring mammary tumors.
- The researchers further found that rats living in isolation experienced a 135 percent increase in the number of tumors and a more than 8,000 percent increase in their size.
- The research establishes, for the first time, that isolation and stress could be a factor in human breast cancer risk

Cancer    Tips to Boost Immune System

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A new study from the University of Iowa found that ovarian cancer patients with a strong sense of connection to others and satisfying relationships had more vigorous "natural killer" cell activity at the site of the tumor than those who didn't have those social ties. (These desirable white blood cells kill cancerous cells as part of the body's immune system.)

Researchers can't say for sure that romance trumps an affectionate family or warm friendships when it comes to wellness. But they are homing in on how sex, kinship, and caring all seem to make us stronger, with health gains that range from faster healing and better control over chronic illnesses to living longer.

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