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Macromineral Depletion Strategy

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Workplace Psychological Harassment and Criminal Harassment Network Macromineral Depletion Strategy


Deplete Macrominerals and Calcium through stress and provocation, adrenaline and aldosterone, and acid-base imbalance.

Macrominerals such as Calcium and Potassium are very important as electrolytes and the body uses electrolytes to maintain acid-base balance.

An over active adrenal gland can release a hormone called aldosterone into the blood stream causing large quantities of potassium to be excreted into the urine.

Potassium and Calcium are part of the body's buffer system for acid-base balance and can be depleted through stress and repetitive threats or provocation linked to adrenaline and aldosterone.

The acid-base imbalance and the depletion of Macrominerals such as Calcium can lead to osteoporosis and other serious health issues.


"This important mineral is also essential in blood clotting and helps prevent cancer."

"Calcium lowers cholesterol levels and helps prevent cardiovascular disease."

"Calcium provides energy and participates in the protein structuring of RNA and DNA."

"Deficiencies of calcium are also associated with cognitive impairment, convulsions, depression, delusions, and hyperactivity."


"It protects against the effects of radiation"

"Kelp is recommended as a daily supplement, especially for people with mineral deficiencies."

"Kelp is a rich source of vitamins, especially the B vitamins, as well as of many valuable minerals and trace elements."

"It is reported to be very beneficial to brain tissue, the membranes surrounding the brain, the sensory nerves, and spinal cord, as well as the nails and blood vessels."

Workplace Psychological Harassment and Criminal Harassment or Mobbing in Modern Society

Strategy, Stress and Provocation, Adrenaline and Aldosterone, Acid-Base Imbalance, Potassium and Calcium Depletion, Serious Health Issues and Cognitive Impairment

Repetitive Humiliation, Rage Shootings

[1] Prescription for Nutritional Healing fourth edition p. 31 and 85

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- Calcium Deficiency.
- The immune system needs calcium to kill cancer cells.
- Calcium binds to carcinogens in the colon and helps excrete them.
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