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This is the news, articles, and video portal of Psychological Harassment Information Association and site about workplace psychological harassment, sexual harassment, discrimination, coercive tactics, psychological manipulation, bullying, and mobbing


A web site about workplace psychological harassment, sexual harassment, coercive tactics, discrimination, psychological manipulation, bullying, mobbing, mental health, self-confidence, stress management, depression prevention, suicide factors, occupational health and safety, rage shooting factors, cancer, technology, and other related issues.


We provide information about workplace psychological harassment, bullying, mobbing, psychological abuse and its many forms, effects, and related issues. The information is provided to prevent people are harming themselves and others unintentionally and intentionally through psychological harassment.

Human Rights

There are many related human rights issues such as discrimination, stereotypes, sexual harassment, physical and psychological harm, and homelessness.

Workplace psychological harassment is linked to serious health issues, stress, cortisol, adrenaline, blood pressure, cardiovascular health, heart and stroke disease, acid-base imbalance, macromineral (calcium) depletion, sleep deprivation, premature aging, cancer, burnouts, depression, self confidence, self esteem, self worth, and homelessness. Workplace psychological harassment is used to get rid of targeted employees and linked to mobbing or mobbing in modern society. It is used for repression, to hide the use of homelessness as weapon, in some cases to hide the crimes that have been committed against a targeted citizen, to make the conviction of false allegations easier, and to make people suffer.

The information gives victims credibility, creates visibility, and deter perpetrators.

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General Information

Founded October 20, 2003 this website follows the research and writings of these people:

Heinz Laymann PH.D is the founder of Mobbing and conducted research in Sweden in the 80's.

Margaret Thaler Singer PH.D conducted research on cults and wrote papers concerning psychological manipulations used to control people and control systems in the 80's.

Marie-France Hirigoyen, author of Le harcèlement moral launched a debate in France in the year 2000, which led to a law.

According to Marie-France Hirigoyen the intent of many emotional abusers is to systematically "destabilize" and confuse their victims (with irrational, threatening behavior that preys on the victim's fears and self-doubts), to isolate and control them and ultimately to destroy their identity, and often emotional abuse builds over a long period of time until it becomes so unbearable that victims lash out in frustration and anger aka hitting back, only to appear unstable and aggressive themselves, which could be linked to workplace violence or the cause of rage shooting and rampages.


Stereotypes are often used to hide the cause of homelessness, rampages, and rage shootings.

Example: "The cause of another rage shooting has been said to be "a deranged person" or "mental illness" again. Why does the news not say that the cause of the rage shooting was "an enraged person", people might ask "why was he enraged?"?". It seems to be often used as an explanation when it really isn't one."


The workplace is linked to suicides, burnouts, self esteem and self worth, depression, ideas of purposelessness, and suicides. Anti-Gay rhetoric is linked to hate and rejection, and suicides. Mobbing and psychological manipulation are linked to suicides, and possible homicides through influence of the mind (Killing by influence on the mind 227. Repealed, 1999, c. 5, s. 9).

Rage Shootings

Workplace psychological harassment, abuse, workplace strategy to get rid of a person or oppressive regime strategy to repress targeted citizens or subjugate the population are linked to rage shootings, occupational health and safety, the information and knowledge aims to reduce these like workplace violence.